Fuji Professional Medical Massage Chair CyberRelax- ONLY FDA APPROVED CHAIR

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Combination of Mechanism & Air
THE ONLY FDA APPROVED CLINICAL THERAPEUTIC CHAIR – This chair gives a deeper massage than any other on the market! (4 Deep Rating – Competition is just 3 Deep)

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SEARCHING FOR THE ULITMATE MASSAGE CHAIR? FUJI GIVES YOU THE DEEPEST MASSAGE. Fujiiryoki’s new full spec, flagship model. Equipped with the revolutionary new KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball system, the new ‘air magic’ shoulder care air massage, and a new 3-step footrest which covers all massage points below the knee. The new KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball system. The new KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball system controls the speed and time of all 3D movements to replicate the movements of the human hand to realise off speed and detailed massages.

Chiropractic in a Chair! Massage spine, trigger points, shiatsu. Adjusts to spine
State of the art roller foot reflexology thigh and hip massage an amazing spinal decompression stretch body YUGA sensors customized targeted therapeutic massage back Lubumbashi heat therapy shoulder care air massage shiatsu deep massage customizing and pre-programmed therapeutic massage manually controlled massage options. This is perfectly blends Japanese sensibilities into one perfect modern and very comfortable luxury massage chair.

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Statistics show that 80% of people feel stress on the job, and nearly 40% say they need help in managing stress. Over 40% of the working population is affected by back pain, and more than half million of people are affected each day. According to studies, people who receive regular massages enjoy stronger immune systems, fewer stress injuries, and better mental health, which is why doctors have been recommending massages.

Fujiiryoki USA is a health and medical equipment company that helps businesses and individuals attain one of the greatest gifts of all – good health. Personal gains, such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, combined with measurable health benefits will create tremendous advantages for both the employer, the employee, the organization, the family, and the individual

Health Benefits from a Fujiiryoki USA medical massage chair include:


…from aches, pain, stress, arthritis, stiffness, backaches, bursitis, diabetic neuropathy, neuralgia, muscle spasms, tension, sports injuries, chronic fatigue, muscular fatigue, fibromyalgia, head/neck aches, sleeplessness, sore muscles, and tired feet.

Increased Blood Circulation:

…throughout the body, increasing dilation of blood vessels and number of red blood cells.

Stimulates Lymph Circulation:

…and hastens elimination of waste and toxic debris, cleanses, prevents detrimental build-up of harmful substances resulting from strenuous exercise or injury.


…(in part) for lack of exercise and muscular contraction in individuals due to injury, illness, or age, and helps return venous blood to the heart and eases strain on vital organs.

Improves Muscle Tone and Benefits Tissues:

…and provides sedative, stimulating, and rejuvenating effects on the nervous system, depending on the type and length of massage. Massage combined with a nutritious and healthy diet can aide in toning and shaping the body. Tissues will benefit from increased nutrition, and will benefit from increased interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells, heightening tissue metabolism. In addition, massages may help prevent/delay muscular atrophy resulting from forced inactivity.

Helps Reduce Edema:

…and improves circulation and nutrition of joins, hastening the elimination of harmful deposits. It helps decrease inflammation and swelling in joints, alleviating pain.

Stretches Connective Tissue:

…and improves circulation. Massage therapy also prevents the formation of adhesions and reduces the risk of fibrosis.

Increased Excretion:

…(via the kidneys) of fluids and waste products from protein metabolism, inorganic phosphorus, and salt in normal individuals.

Injury Rehabilitation:

…massages reduce swelling, decreases pain, and facilitates movement.

Improved Mood:

…and lifts one’s spirit while reducing stress.

Numerous Massage Styles & Techniques:

There are many different styles and techniques of massage, ranging from deep tissue massages that strongly stimulate the body’s muscles and tissues, to more gentle massage strokes. The shiatsu massage from Japan is known for firm pressure that releases deep muscular tension. In contrast, Swedish massages use long, continuous strokes. Our massage chairs integrate various types of techniques and styles into a personal, unique, individualized treatment catered to your needs.

Solution Massage:

Our “solution massage” is designed to knead and slacken stiffness and fatigue using knead balls and air bags. By introducing several new functions, for the first time in the industry, we have succeeded in pushing forward our technologies and the realm of “synthetic treatments.” We are pleased to invite you to the world of massage chairs, relaxing in a tranquil and serene state, as if in a dream. Fujiiryoki USA medical massage chairs stimulate the feel of touch transmitted to the body, awakening a sense of new comfort and relaxation. Our advanced technology offers simultaneous massages at the back surface and the seat surface via air and mechanical movements, and provides a sensational experience.

Fujiiryoki USA massages chairs offer excellent massages similar to that of a skilled massage therapist. Fujiiryoki medical massage chairs are preferred over other equipment and brands due to its sophisticated technology and medical benefits.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine:

In the world today, most people work many hours every day. Fatigue accumulates in areas from the base of the shoulders to the back, which are comparatively fixed unlike the hands and shoulders, which are moving frequently. Fatigue and stiffness occur especially at the base of the shoulders, and massages are effective for relieving the discomfort. Fujiiryoki massage chairs work on the entire upper body, wrapping around the shoulder from both ends and massaging widely. The rubber rollers are contoured to resemble the surface of a thumb, and have a density similar to the padding of human fingertips. In order to fully understand and appreciate what a Fujiiryoki USA chair can do for you, reading a bit more about acupuncture may help:

Acupuncture utilizes different qualities of touch that vary from light to firm pressure. Many people have heard of acupuncture with needles, which use the same points. There are approximately 365 traditional acupuncture points. Nearly 100 points are located on the back and neck. When these points are stimulated properly, an increase in blood circulation and energy flow results. Substantial bodies of literature support the benefits of acupuncture. The existence of acupuncture points has actually been scientifically verified by measuring greater electrical conductivity at these points, and many different styles of finger pressure, such as the shiatsu massage developed in Japan, utilize the same basic acupuncture principles and are less invasive than acupuncture.Fujiiryoki USA massage chairs are designed carefully and extensively to stimulate a series of points along the spine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pressing on those points on the back can send beneficial signals to one’s corresponding organs and associated areas.

Fuji massage chairs are attractive to people who would not otherwise consider a massage, such as:

*Clients with Hectic Schedules: Massages from our products yield the same, even better, benefits of a traditional 1-hour massage in only 15 minutes.

*Clients Who Prefer Not to be Touched: No physical contact with the client is necessary to initiate or complete the session.

*Clients Who Prefer to Control Their Massage Experience: The adjustable remote control gives the client autonomy and the “Easy OP” program is easier than an ATM for self-operation.

There is a time for a massage for anyone, anytime! Fujiiryoki USA/Dr. Fuji massage chairs are being used by physical therapists, in medical and dental offices, spas, fitness centers and even in airports! The units are completely self-contained and easy to set up, so high-volume turnover is easy to handle, and several units can be staffed by one operator. Our massage chairs are attractive, comfortable, easy to operate, and incredibly durable. It is no wonder why Fujiiryoki USA/Dr. Fuji is the supplier of choice for wellness and medical professionals in over 60 countries worldwide.

We have worked with the following:

ChiropractorsFitness Clubs and GymsMedical PracticesChain Spas, Salons, Wellness CentersPT, OT, Rehab CentersHotels, Resorts, Relaxation Rooms, VIP Rooms, SpasHi-Tech CompaniesBanks and Financing FirmsRetail LocationsPlastic Surgery CentersPain ClinicsDental ClinicsOrthopedic ClinicsNeurologist ClinicsPsychiatrist ClinicsFamily Practices

…so contact me today to discuss how we can help you increase your wellness profit potential!


FDA Certified:

Fujiiryoki USA/Dr. Fuji chairs have been FDA Certified. Thousands of medical professionals have benefited from our massage chairs and products. In addition, clinics and businesses have been able to write off their taxes as a business expense by owning a Fujiiryoki Medical Massage Chair.


In addition to other numerous awards, Fujiiryoki has been awarded the Best Design Golden Award in Japan, which is a prestigious award of which we are proud. Our chair has been honored with this award that no other massage chair company has received.

Advanced 3-D Point Navigation System:

This state-of-the-art 3-D navigation system detects a user’s shoulders, waist, and spinal curve to locate the best position for a premium and quality massage. We understand that each person is unique! The form of each human body changes delicately, even day-by-day, and body shapes vary amongst everyone. Thus, the 3-D navigation system elevates our Fujiiryoki chairs to a new and higher level of establishing and fulfilling standards.

Pioneer of the S-Curve Spinal Design:

The S-Curve Spinal Design of our chairs plays an integral role in providing the best massages. The human spine itself is of an S curve, not straight. Other massage chairs in the market base their designs on the notion that the spine is straight (and thus, the straight tracks of other massage chairs). Our unique S-Curve Spinal Design ensures that all points on your body receive an equal amount of pressure.

Flexible and Multi-Directional Knead-Ball Design:

2 Multi Directions Flexible Knead Ball Design. There are 4 massager balls on most massage chairs which could restrict the massaging area, especially under the lower waist and the upper neck. Fujiiryoki chair has the 2 kneading balls extending the reach of thrust to closely resemble the human hands.

Up to 734 Types of Massage Features:

Up to 734 Types of Massage (Mechanism + Air).Fujiiryoki features most functional technology in the industry. Special massages include combinative extending, 3 d massage mode, stimulating arm and shoulder massage. Diverse massage technique enables a refresh feeling of customized solution massage. Fujiiryoki chairs combined with Swedish, Japanese, Thai and Chinese type of massage will take you to a new level of relaxation and health maintenance.

Other unique features like:

Foot Stretching and Extension Function.Fine Massage Point Adjustment.Independent Control of Arm and Leg Air Massages.Seat Vibration.Memory Record Function.

Other massage chairs in the same industry do not do any or all of above.

The Only Self-Scan & Error Diagnosis Massage Chair:

The Only Self-Scan & Error Diagnosis Massage Chair. Which you will be amazed with how Fujiiryoki could be relied on so much by our massage lover. Over 98% customers can resolve an error when there’s one with the error code provided by Fujiiryoki chairs. We have the most professional technician in the US. Strong customer service team can surely help and guide you through with the trouble shooting. No worry anymore about shipping a 3, 4 hundreds pound chair back to your manufacturer for service mostly out of your own states.

Environmentally Friendly, Lightweight, and Low-Power Consumption:

Lightweight: Most of our massage chairs weigh slightly heavier than a normal person – around 150 LB. Most massage chairs on the market have a minimum weight of 260 LB to 300 LB, which makes moving a hazard.Minimal Power Consumption: Only 110 W (50/60 Hz). Other brands’ massage chairs consume power ranging from 170 – 200W. With our Fujiiryoki USA/Dr. Fuji medical massage chairs, you can freely enjoy professional massages without the concern of your utility bill!Designated PU Massage Chair Material: Made just for our massage chairs. PU material is more durable and breathable than any other PVC Artificial Leather, which most massage chairs on the market use, and it is easier to clean up.

A Fujiiryoki chair is a chair like no other! Please call our toll free number at 1-888-816-0888 today to find a dealer or an exhibit demonstration near you to experience a unique, professional, and uplifting massage provided by our Fujiiryoki chairs. We are confident that you will fall in love with it. Fujiiryoki enhances your life and delivers quality, efficient, and effective massages.

Only $10999.00
Buy with confidence