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?What is CAV?

HKS776B cavitation that revolutionizes the treatment against cellulites and fat. It is a non invasive based on sound waves 

which generates empty micro bubbles in the liquid situated in the interior of the adipose tissue. 

Its repeated action causes the accumulation of these micro bubbles, with each other to implode and collapse. 

The result is the destruction of the adipose cells transforming the fat nodules in liquid substances that in a natural way the 

body removes through the lymph..

?What areas can be treated with CAV systems? 


?What areas forbid  treated with CAV systems? 

The CAV is a deep model ultrasonic,fobid use around eyes and heart.

?What do CAV treatments feel like? 

When CAV 40K work,can hear zizizi voice like hexapod sound.body can feel warm and little vibrate.

?How many treatments will I need? 

3times in frist week,2times in second/third week.after that 1times per week until satisfying effect. 

·Intensive physical lipolysis to remove surplus fat
·Burn surplus fat, Lymphatic Treatment
·skin tightening, improve skin elasticity
·Improve orange peel organization, body shaping

·Working Freqency:40Khz
·Energy:1-3W/cm2 adjust
·Active Surface:12cm2
·Pulse Type:continuous

After 16times treatment

a.To avoid using the machine on the abdomen of the pregnant women or women in menses
b.To avoid using the machine on around the parts under which metal,plastic or silicon wee buried.
c.To avoid using the machine on around the medical and electric instrument,such as the hearing aid,heart starter,
mechanical heart,etc.
d.To avoid using the machine on the epileptic and those in bad health
e.To avoid using the machine on the wound aroung the treatment area and the areas with metals inside of the body.
f.To avoid using the machine  on people who has high blood pressure or diabetes or serious skin diseases or heart diseases,
or who is sensitive to electric current,or who is reveiving hormone treatment.

Only $289.00
Buy with confidence