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Buy with confidence  Call us free from mobile and landline on 08006190641 so we can recommend the massage chair that suits you                                                    Luxury Massage Chair – Weyron Titanium                  What will it take to completely relax you? How about yoga stretching, deep tissue massage and reflexology, set to the soundtrack of your favorite songs? There’s no bad day that can withstand the relaxing power of Titanium massage chair. As you recline into the ultra-relaxing V position and humanistic massage hands work their magic on your neck, spine, buttocks and hamstrings, you’ll realise that you have never known relaxation quite like this.And once you hook up your phone or device to our massage chair’s  speakers, you’ll realise that this chair really does have everything you need to feel the strains of your busy life melt away. The only difficult thing left for you to face will be forcing yourself to turn the chair off!
Massage Chair Features
3D quad rollerL and S-Shape rail tracksV-Shape TechnologyYoga-style body stretchingReflexology foot rollers massageBody scanningMultilayer airbagsHeating at waistSpace-saving zero-to-wall technologyMusic connectivity
TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                            Relax into Wellness with our Range of Massage Chairs 

 Imagine having your own personal professional masseuse, ready to leap into action at the touch of a button.

When you relax into your ergonomic massage chair, take a deep relaxing breath and select one of the pre-programmed massage settings, you won’t need to imagine. Because you’ll experience the sort of massage that a health spa would be proud of – right in the comfort of your own home.
The Weyron range of massage chairs uses industry-leading technology to provide high-definition massage. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work, or you need to loosen up your muscles after your latest sporting achievement, our range of chairs contain the most advanced automatic massage technologies available in the UK today

 HD Massage Technology
Precision and intensity combine in our high definition massage chairs, offering you 35% more massage coverage than other chairs on the market. But massage isn’t about percentages, it’s about feeling.When you switch on the HD massage settings, you’ll experience a superior massage that combines the techniques of leading human masseuses to provide an unbelievably natural feeling.
 L-Shape Track Technology
Lean back into your chair. Can you feel the pressure points? Your neck, shoulders, lower back and hamstrings all need attention if you’re going to experience true wellness and relaxation.Our new L-Shape track technology provides this. The massage hands start with your head and neck, before moving down across each problem pressure point, releasing stress and tension at every step. And unlike a human masseur, your massage chair will never tire, providing an unbeatable massage until every knot and strain is worked out.
S-Shape Track Technology
If you run your hand down your spine, you’ll notice that it curves near the top and at your lower back to form an S. Older massage chairs with straight tracks won’t fit the ergonomic shape of your body, leaving you sore and far from relaxed.By matching your spine’s curves, our S-Shape track chairs’ massage hands move with you to provide a seamless, comfortable massage – just like you’d receive from a professional masseur.
3D Massage Technology
Your body exists in three dimensions – so a 2D massage just won’t cut it. A 2D massage may move up and down your back, or left and right across your shoulders, but only a 3D massage chair will move in and out, protruding up to four inches to massage the soft tissue with just the right amount of pressure. You wouldn’t pay for a masseur who couldn’t apply the pressure you need to relax and unwind, so don’t settle for a 2D massage chair!WARNING: Some companies might try to sell you a 4D massage chair. Unfortunately, this marketing trick only exists in the mind of sci-fi authors! After all, Einstein pointed out that the fourth dimension is actually time, so a 4D massage chair would need to move you backwards through time. That doesn’t seem so relaxing to us!
Yoga Stretch Technology
Yoga allows you to reach levels of relaxation that you never felt possible, as muscles are stretched, held and loosened. Shoulder and footrest airbags built into our massage chairs replicate this stretching, allowing for a deeper, more comfortable massage.When combined with a powerful high-definition 3D massage, this Yoga Stretch technology provides unbeatable relaxation and revitalisation. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it!
V-Shape Technology
A massage in zero-gravity. Trained hands working away your stresses and strains while you float weightlessly. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?Weyron Ltd’s chairs can’t make you float (yet!) – but their V-Shape technology allows the next best thing. By lifting and continuously massaging your lumbar area, hips and hamstrings, V-Shape chairs support and lift you, providing a weightless feeling while working on areas other chairs just can’t reach.
Body Scanning Technology
A masseuse can look at you and instantly determine your height and body type, allowing them to target specific pressure points on your body. A chair can’t do that, leading to your wriggling around, trying to position your muscles over their rollers. Most chairs can’t do that, but our chairs can. Body scanning technology will precisely detect your body type and spine length, adjusting roller settings to ensure that the chair targets the areas that need a firm, relaxing massage instead of blindly hitting areas inches away from your trouble spots.
Foot Roller Technology
There’s one important part that many massage chairs miss. And if you spend all day walking or standing, you’ll know just how important a part we mean! It’s your tired, sore feet. Our foot roller technology adds reflexology to a Weyron massage chair’s list of skills. As your back and legs are massaged by the chair, the foot roller will gently activate pressure points on your soles to improve blood flow and provide soothing comfort. A massage and a foot rub? It’s no wonder our customers have such a relaxed smile!
Quad-Roller Massage
Our advanced 3D quad roller system is the closest thing you’ll get to a hands-on human massage, without having to pay your own full time masseuse. You set the intensity, you decide how much pressure the four-inch protrusion mechanism provides, and you sit back and relax. No small talk, just an unbeatable massage experience in your own home!
Heating Therapy
There’s nothing worse than a masseur with cold hands. When you relax into your Weyron massage chair, that’s not something you need to worry about.Your chair’s built in heated pads will warm and relax you, improving your circulation, relieving fatigue and relaxing your muscles for a deep, firm and luxurious massage. Tranquility is only a massage away!
Neck Massage
While most massage chairs concentrate on your lumbar regions, our chairs are able to provide relaxation and attention higher up. The days of stiff necks will be over, as our neck massage functions gently yet firmly massage away the day’s tension. Bliss!
Just as a massage therapist grips and squeezes your tight muscles, our massage chairs envelop and squeeze your sore muscles with high quality airbags. Tension and stiffness will be a distant memory after just a few moments!Our chairs also include adjustable shoulder airbags for greater intensity.
To cap off the unbeatable relaxation offered by our massage chairs, in-built speakers will connect with your mobile device to stream your favourite songs!All that’s missing is a glass of wine after your massage to complete an unbeatably relaxing experience!
Massage Techniques

Our massage chairs contain a number of pre-set massage therapy settings, which include the following techniques based on the very same skills used by professional massage therapists:
Kneading: The rollers move in a circular pattern to grip and knead musclesRolling: The rollers gently or firmly move up and down the backrestTapping: The rollers replicate the popular “karate chop” technique used by masseursGripping: Air bags grip and hold your muscles before releasingKnocking: As with tapping, the rollers will rhythmically push in and out from the backrestShiatsu: The chair targets specific acupoints on your back to relieve even the most persistent tensionCombination: Choose your favourite techniques for an unbeatable combination massage that will have you sighing contentedly in minutes      

  Please note that the mobile phone is not included.

Only $1997.50
Buy with confidence