Massaging Techniques Around The World

Massaging Techniques Around The WorldEveryone who has had a massage before will know just how relaxing they are. What most people do not know is that there areĀ  hundreds of different massaging techniques, with some of them going back thousands of years. Massage can be a gentle rub, a deep press, or stationery. It can involve the use of hands, fingers, elbows, knees, and even feet. Regardless of what technique is used, it is relaxing and can help people to relieve people of pain that is caused by muscles.

The actual word massage means “friction of kneading”, in French, and “to touch, fell” in Arabic. The true roots of the word are in Latin though, with the word “massa”, which means “mass, dough”. Regardless of where the true origins of the word originate, the techniques are used the world over, and millions get relief from it every day.

Most people have to attend a massage parlor or spa in order to get treatment, very few people can afford a home massage. Although, thanks to technology, it is possible to buy a massaging chair, but the really good ones cost thousands of dollars. Still, for those who can afford one, they are well worth the money.

In most cases a massage will mean lying flat on a table or chair, but it can involve sitting in a chair, especially when the massage is for the feet. In fact, there are a lot of places in Asia, where you can just walk in and have a foot massage. Virtually every mall in the likes of Singapore will have places that people can just walk in and have some work carried out on their tired feet.

The main massage techniques are listed below, although there is a lot more them, although these are usually variations of the main ones.

Anma massage
Aquatic bodywork
Balinese massage
Bowen technique
Biodynamic Massage
Champissage massage
Craniosacral therapy
Esalen massage
Foot massage
Hilot massage
Infant massage
Kum Nye
Lomilomi and indigenous massage of Oceania
Lymphatic drainage
Medical massage
Metamorphic Technique
Myofascial release
Pediatric massage
Postural Integration
Prostate massage
Sports massage
Stone massage
Structural Integration
Swedish massage
Tantric massage
Thai massage
Traditional Chinese massage
Trager approach
Trigger point therapy
Tui na