Steamflex 2015 Stainless Steel Steam Generator Sauna for Your Home Spa Bath Room

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steamer is currently out of stock. We are waiting for an upgraded 2016 model
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NEW Stainless Steel 110v Steam Generator Sauna for Shower Room Bath Home Spa


 Power 800W

Voltage 100V/60Hz – Standard USA voltage

Capacity: 2.0L

The packaged size is 10” X 10” X 10”

The size without the 9” X 9” X 9” X 9”

Comes with the remote control

Flexible 13” tube that can connect the steamer to your equipment
or shower room

Detailed step by step manual.

2 AAA batteries to operate the remote control required and
not included

 Stainless steel
interior- safe to add aromatherapy herbs and oils 

Ideal for portable steam
saunas or just for your shower room 

 (Please calculate based
to the specifications given if this steamer is strong enough for your specific

 Questions prier placing
the order are welcome

 Alaska and Hawaii
shipping via USPS only $60

Only $89.99
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